Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Left Wing Moonbats are not Worth the Resources

In traveling about the blogosphere I have come across a few blogs that put forth the idea that the recently exposed "Swift" terrorist's financial surveillance program (Thanks NYT & LAT) is all about our government capturing people that disagree with the Bush White House.

They will disagree with the above statement but that is what it comes down to. They will say I'm being deceived by the Bush White House and that he is after me too. It is for my own protection that this program was exposed. If only I understood but I'm too small minded and am a pawn in the conservative hierarchy's plan to rule the world...

- I recently left the following as a comment on Okie on the LAM - Thought it needed to see daylight so I'm posting it here too.

What gets me is the lefties seem to think that these programs are all about them and their privacy. As if these jokers have enough money in the bank to warrant being in the 'Swift Database". Same thing with the phone numbers.

The lefties seem to think that the surveillance is against lefties. Insignificant slugs that they be. - They need to be reminded that they are not worth the bitspace or bandwidth much less the manpower involved with these programs.

These programs were set up and utilized to capture bad guys. Although lefties have diminished brainspace and can be irritating at times this does not come anywhere near the interest level that the terrorists demand and receive from our government.

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