Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sailor in the Desert is Back!

Blogger extrordinaire Sailor in the Desert, a thorn in the side of the radical left, is back from hiatis.

His actual return date was 22 June 06 and did he notify me, His bestest fan? Nooooo! I had to click on the link in my blogroll as I have been doing periodically for the last two months...

This gives me an excellent opportunity to walk in forgiveness so I will.

Actually Sailor has been setting up and working on Hooah Radio ( for a while now and this is the reason for his absence.

"What is Hooah Radio?", you ask... Good music & Great people supporting our troops. Check it out.

Go to the Hooah page and on the right hand side is a Yellow Bar - Click here to listen - From there you will have a choice of connection speed and program (Realplayer, Winamp etc..) - Below the Yellow Bar is a request/dedication button. Don't be shy about using it. -

Welcome back Sailor - A post a day is all we ask! -


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