Monday, June 26, 2006

Is It getting Closer To the Time

For Murtha to apologize?

Apparently more news is coming out concerning the Haditha incident.
The Soldiers involved have not been deemed totally innocent yet but:
The American Thinker links to a Newsmax Story

Note what American Thinker says in this paragraph.

In contrast to the video Time relied on to condemn Kilo Company, a video of dubious provenance and authenticity, the military apparently has another, one taken by an unmanned aerial vehicle which recorded the entire battle and which confirms the Marine's version of events, or so NewsMax reports:

How different is that from what Murtha said? American Thinker carefully qualified the statements in the paragraph while by all accounts I've seen Murtha had made a statement of fact in saying that the Marines were guilty of killing the civilians in "cold blood."

Rightwing Nuthouse has this: While it is not unusual for small details to be lost or found in different translations, these discrepancies are huge, up to and including one 12 year old girl (or 13 or 15 depending on which report you are reading) being in different houses, being shielded from the wrath of the Americans by 3 different family members, and telling completely different and ever more bloodcurdling details of how the Marines killed her family.

Then there is the weird case of Aws Fahmi. In an AP report, he is reported to have been a victim of the massacre, left to bleed in the street after being shot by the Americans. But the Washington Post story in which several eyewitnesses are interviewed, features Mr. Fahmi's testimony prominently and in which the "victim" has morphed into an eyewitness, viewing the events from his house with no mention of his being shot and left to bleed to death in the street.

The NewsMax story says: Video evidence supports the Marines' claims. Within a very few minutes, battalion, regimental, and division headquarters were able to watch the action thanks to an overhead ultralight aircraft that remained aloft all day. Photos of some of the action were downloaded and in the hands of Marines and the NCIS.

I did not read anywhere that anyone reporting this had actually seen the video. There is however a growing basket of evidence that all did not happen as Murtha said.

This post is to remind those interested, both on the right and on the left that all of the reports and investigations have not been released or finished yet. Rumors should be checked with assorted sources before running with it. Make sure that all the sources of said rumor are not from the one and only Single Feeder source
It will bode well for Bloggers of all stripes to be patient and wait a bit longer.

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