Sunday, June 04, 2006

Haditha, and the Truth???

The following is a comment I made in answer to another blogger who posted the Haditha article "Why Haditha Matters" from the as if it were fact.

Please notice. In the second sentence of the article there is this: "The killings MAY have been in retaliation...."

That word 'MAY' is what is called a qualifying word. - It allows the writer to back out of his statement because he/she does not know the real answer.

Later in the same sentence they say this: " ...but this was not the work of soldiers gone berzerk"

Let's ask the Nation why, if they don't know the motive, they can so positively state the young Marines in question were 'not berserk'?

This entire article is posed with so called statements that assume guilt without any evidence. The marines cannot and will not talk until the investigation is over. This leaves them at a distinct disadvantage over the news media. For example they cannot and will not tell us if they were pinned down by small arms fire. Nor will they say if it was terrorists using women and children as human shields who murdered those innocents.

Haditha is a hotbed of terrorism. Not freedom fighters! Freedom fighters do not dress as women and bomb mosques. Neither does our Marines. Terrorists will lie too. It would mot hurt to question the motives of the doctor and reporter that helped to break this story. Try using the words, - Haditha Doctor, - in Google or Yahoo search engines.

Are the Marines guilty? Certainly we do not know. We should wait until the guilty verdict is hammered out by the judge and allow these young soldiers who volunteered their lives for this country the benefit of "innocent until proven guilty" as all Americans enjoy.

If they are found guilty in a military court (Not a kangaroo court) then they will be punished. Should our nation act like terrorists and punish these young men before the truth comes out? While the investigation is yet ongoing.

Does the MSM and its syncophants hate Bush enough to send some young men to jail for murder even if they are innocent? From the track record of many major news outlets (Dan Rather still won't admit the memo's were fake) I have to wonder.

Please, If you see a blog post lambasting the young Marines ask the poster if they really know the truth. If so how do they know it when the investigation is still ongoing? Lets work to knock down the mis-information the MSM is once again spitting out.


Update! - On Sunday I had a chat with a young Marine who just happens to be in the same battalion as those involved with the Haditha incident. I gave him assurance that the blogging community (at least those who prefer the truth over lies) are doing their best to knock down the incessant MSM coverage of the whole shebang. The truth will come out and I believe that once again the lefties will be made to look like fools. That is, if God is willing (I'm sure He is) and that the truth is not the venom the left is spewing.

I also asked what he could tell me of the incident and as I expected he would not answer at all other than to say he heard rumors but did not know the truth... He did say this is not the first time his battalion has been attacked like this. Kudos to him and all the rest of the Marines who are doing that which the left does not deserve but receives anyway. That is, a line of defense from murderous Islamic fanatics who could care less about political leanings. These young men and women deserve our applause!

Lets work to knock down the mis-information the MSM is once again spitting out. - Find a blog or news site that is repeating the ignorance and call them on it.

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