Friday, June 09, 2006

Will Parental Guidance Be Enough?

What happens when they make a clean movie that has religious themes? Punishment of course. Hollywood has changed (or perhaps 'added to' is a better way to say it) the rules with which they rate the movies. The rules are pretty simple. They look for how much violence, sexual situations, nudity and bad language is in the film. But now!

Nehring The Edge Has the Story!

A Christian film has been given a harsher rating because of its open and continual references to Jesus Christ.


After reviewing the upcoming Christian film Facing The Giants the MPAA has stated the film, since it refers to Jesus Christ in a "proselytizing" way, may be too offensive for some filmgoers.

prying1 sez: Just click the link above. Nehring has the complete skinny and all the links.

Should the PG rating for a Christian film be enough? Perhaps they should demand an atheist preach prior to and after the film.

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