Tuesday, June 06, 2006

School bus kids massacred

I am amazed that the MSM would prefer to wage war against a few good men instead of the terrorists. The Online Sun U.K. has this piece

School bus kids massacred -
CHILDREN were dragged off school minibuses and slaughtered in a weekend of massacres in Iraq.

The youngsters were executed in the street by gunmen as 33 people were slain in a series of attacks.

Twelve students on their way to take exams were hauled off the bus convoy at a fake checkpoint.

Younger children and elderly men were among the nine other helpless Shia or Kurd passengers shot dead.

Four Sunni Arabs were spared.

A police official said: "The attackers dragged them out one by one and executed them."

He said it appeared some tried to flee but were gunned down as they ran.

Yesterday's attack took place in the early hours in the town of Ain Laila in the Diyala province, 80 miles north of Baghdad. The dead students were heading to the town of Baqouba, 35 miles northeast of Baghdad.

One other passenger in the school convoy was wounded.

prying1 sez: What is the ultimate goal of these terrorists? Do they really believe that their god wants them to murder children? Is this sort of behaviour really condoned in the Koran and by the Islam religion?


Then there is this bit of news too. - 50 kidnapped at Iraq bus stations
Gunmen round up victims at random - BAGHDAD -- Gunmen in police uniforms staged a brazen daylight raid on bus stations in central Baghdad yesterday, kidnapping at least 50 people, including travelers and merchants, and vendors selling tea and sandwiches.


Doesn't the MSM get it. We ARE at WAR with some very BAD people. These terrorists cannot have their behaviour explained away with politically correct terms. They need to be stopped and the MSM needs to get on the stick to do their part against them.

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