Tuesday, June 06, 2006

MSM Continues War Against the Good Guys

Gindy gives us a link to a Michelle Malkin article called UK TIMES SMEARS OUR MARINES and is quite a read. - Thanks for the heads up Gindy -

prying1 sez:

In Michelle's article there is a link to the UK Times Story which has these lines in it.

- Quote -

A MEMBER of the US Marines unit accused of murdering 24 unarmed Iraqis said yesterday that his colleagues "were blinded by hate" and lost control before the massacre.
Several members of the unit were young and inexperienced and may have snapped after seeing one of their colleagues killed by the bomb, Corporal Crossan said. "I think they were blinded by hate . . . and they just lost control." Corporal Crossan, who passed out soon after being hit by the bomb in al-Haditha on November 19 last year, said that the unit had a lot of new members.

- end quote -

Last Sunday (4Jun06) I had the opportunity to chat with a young member of the battalion that was involved in this incident. One thing he told me that bothered him was some of Marines talking to the press. The gist of his words were, they were not there, they do not know what happened. I asked him if he could give me any insight into what really happened. He said no and that all he knew was rumors anyway. He was not there either. There is a good man! One of many!!!

Please note that in the above quote from the UK Times that Crossan "passed out". Other news stories say that Crossan was knocked unconscious by the roadside bomb and was pinned under a truck... He didn't witness the shootings, but says emotions would have been running high.

Well Duh!

I do not know if Crossan's words were an interview with the press or how they got these quotes from him. I have to wonder what he said that was left out in the news story. - Anyone have a link to the entire piece instead of these snippets?

I still say we do not know what happened and the anti war faction of this planet is using bits and pieces to mold peoples opinions to be against the war on terror. For what purpose I can only wonder. Surely they don't want terrorists to rule the world.

Or do they???

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