Friday, April 08, 2005

Guilt Laden Email Stopper

Don't you just hate those "send me to ten of your friends" emails that have been around for years and every so often they come around again (and again, and again...). How about the ones that tell you if you pass the message on Bill Gates is gonna send you money. Ever gotten the one that promises to print coupons from your printer for a dinner at the Outback etc... Just forward this to 10 friends and you will have good luck for 10 days. Personally I get real irritated from them.

Really bugs me because the original sender knows nothing of sending emails BCC. The dang thing has an email list that is a spammers paradise. And now you know your address is in the mix being forwarded around the planet endlessly...

Well here is a link to send back to the sender. Hopefully they will get the message. Bonus deal!!! - If you send it to every address that is in the original email then you can expect your address to travel around the globe in perpetuity. Again...


Another fun spot to visit and sent to these emailers is Snopes Urban Legends"Little Billy 'Smiles' Evans" for one of the most pathetic pleas for help ever heard or seen on the internet.

Poor Billy! He needs your help. If you won't help him Who will? I know I'm not going to.