Monday, April 04, 2005

Turn the Radio Off!

OK! I'm ready to gripe. If you are in a good mood I suggest you leave. Otherwise you may be as ticked as I am by the time you finish reading this.

Know what I hate about radio?

(Crowd in background) "NO! What?"

Some of the commercials really tick me off.

"Which commercials?" they ask.

Well, you asked for it. The ones I absolutely abhor are the ones with two wimmen talking and they are both so, sooo syrupppy happy and continually giggling and absolutely nothing is funny. Could be about which bank they use, favorite window installer, where they want to be buried, which house painting company or even perhaps a home loan company. It doesn't matter what they sell. The conversation is contrived and of course they share the stupid phone number back and forth 6 times in the allotted minute. I do have to say that after the minute is over I THANK GOD I'm not married to either of them.

Next is the commercial that has a helpless male with the woman coming to the rescue. I mean, this guy is so dumb that he doesn't know how to look in the phone book for a plumber. You just know that he sits on the edge of his bed in the morning staring at his socks. Wondering which one goes on which foot. Then the happy, happy, happy, happy sounding woman comes on and fixes whatever the hell problem was with a wave of a hand and leaves the guy looking like only a sex change operation can help him. Then he will know how to handle lifes little problems. Like how to dial information for a roofer. The commercial ends with the world knowing that he is just typical of all men. Totally incompetent and too stupid to know it...

Another is the fast talking legalspeak that explains if you get a home loan, buy a car, find true love on a web site or open a can of dog food from the bottom you will not be covered by any warranty expressed or implied and you might as well eat the dog food because they will come to take your home, car, your true love will leave you for the plumber in the other commercial and you are just out of luck buddy! You should have listened to the fast talking legalspeak harder!!!!

Ok, My question is, Do people really call these outfits? I guess so because they keep making the commercials. Would help some if I wasn't addicted to listening to talk radio. But with out it I wouldn't know which sock to put on which foot in the morning. (sigh...)