Saturday, April 09, 2005

Spitzer AIG Google and Ethics

Maybe I'm missing something here. A politician runs an online ad and with Google links that ad to some work he is currently doing. His opponents call foul. Google link is pulled. So what am I missing? has: - quote - Eliot Spitzer was accused on Wednesday of blurring his role as New York attorney-general with his political ambitions to run for state governor after his campaign office paid Google to link a search for “AIG” to a website promoting his gubernatorial bid.

AIG, the world's largest insurer, is at the centre of investigation by Mr Spitzer and others regulators into alleged improper accounting. - end quote -

NY Post has a quick blurb on State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer using Google for a "sponsored link" so that searching 'AIG' pulled an ad for Spitzer. The ad is for a webpage for people to learn about and contribute to his (possible?) run for Governor.

Ok, I understand that the investigation into AIG finances are ongoing and the opponents to Mr. Spitzer running for governor are throwing sand in the air over this but I don't see where it is illegal OR unethical for him to link his ad to work he is currently doing.

Yahoo News has a bit of an article about it. I can see why he pulled his ad/link off. It seems instead of standing up to opponents the 'in thing' for politicians to do is bow and scrape and act like a weak girly man as they exit backwards apologizing and sniveling any time someone criticizes them.

I'd rather see him stand up, tell his critics to go cry in their porridge and keep the link.