Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Yahoo IM - Instant Messenger - Phishing Attacks

Information Week sez: Victims get instant messages that appear to be from friends and end up at fake Yahoo-like site. -

Phishing is an attempt by thieves to steal information from you by tricking you into giving it to them. A phony web page is set up to look like a real page from a trusted company. Users are encouraged to log in and supply personal information (CC numbers etc.) and their information is captured by the scamsters. Banks, Credit Unions, Auction Sites and NOW Yahoo & MS IM's are subject to these scams.

Yahoo Messenger is the target of a phishing attack in which victims receive messages that appear to come from people on their buddy lists. When they click on a link in a message, they're transported to what they believe is a Yahoo Web site, where their login information is taken down by perpetrators. A Yahoo spokesperson confirmed the attack Friday.

Informationweek has a blog that is well worth visiting.

If you are not sure if an email or IM came from your friend then email them (From a different window) and wait for the reply. You might want to set up a code with good friends to verify the message is from them. For example start or end messages with initials or GBYAY!

Update: Check this link to an article on Microsoft sueing pfishers.