Friday, April 08, 2005

Open Letter to CA Congresswoman Jane Harman

After taking an online poll at Jane Harman's website I decided to back up my feelings with a letter. Now is the time to notify your representatives on how you feel on issues...

Dear Jane Harman. You know as well As I do that during the Clinton administration the Social Security was in 'Crisis'. Bill Clinton and AlGore both said so. The Democrats were wanting to do something but were afraid to make any move because they had been scaring the 'old folks' that the Republicans wanted to steal their Social Security. So they did nothing. Fear of losing their cushy jobs caused many to falter in the steps they should have taken.

Now we have a president that is not filled with fear. Now is the (perhaps) last chance to change Social Security and work toward making it viable.

I'm asking YOU to be bold, stand up and do what is right. Please don't just fall in lockstep with the Democratic party on this one. Your constituent's children are depending on you. Please work towards crafting a plan to straighten up the Social Security mess and help President Bush get it through Congress.