Thursday, January 27, 2005

Clinton and Charlie Rose

Hugh Hewitt posted:
Bill Clinton, on stage with Charlie Rose, in Davos, Switzerland today:

"And most of the terrible things that Saddam Hussein did in the 1980's he did with the full, knowing support of the United States government. Because he wasn't Iran, and Iran was what it was because we got rid of their parliamentary democracy back in the '50's. At least that's my belief. I know it is not popular for an American ever to say anything like this, but I think it is true."

Applause from the Davos crowd.

Does Senator Clinton agree with this analysis?
Hopefully the audio will be posted soon at Radioblogger Check here often because it will be worth the download so you can clip it down to emailable sizes and send to friends and enemies. -

This would have been real funny stuff if it wasn't so sad. - An ex-president knocking down every past president (and present too!) back to FDR. Of course his time in office everything was done perfectly.

What I though was funny was that as he warmed up the crowd it was more and more like he was playing to the audience as opposed to being himself.

Oh! Wait. Playing to an audience is being himself...

Remember the laugh/two step tears at Ron Brown's funeral? Now that was good!