Monday, January 24, 2005

University of Oregon Knows Best!

Kevin McCullough Was hosting for Hugh Hewitt today and presented this story (This is abbreviated -Please go to Kevin's site for the full story)
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UNIVERSITY BANS SUPPORT FOR THE TROOPS: A truly disgusting policy is being carried out at the University of Oregon.

Magnetic Yellow Ribbons that say "Support The Troops" have been surreptitiously banned by the administration at the University of Oregon.

The origin of the policy was a complaint from a fellow employee and the claim was that the sticker was in fact a "political statement".

The employee who had the magnetic ribbons had put them on his vehicle months previous - but Friday a university employee complained.

The very least we Americans should be allowed to do is to support those who fight and too many times die to allow the rest of us to live free...

Office of President Dave Frohnmayer
PHONE HIM:541-346-3036
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Michelle Malkin has a great addition to the story from James Saker who links to lots of UofO ANTI WAR uses of taxpayer money.
prying1 sez -
- What is the mindset of these people that makes them so arrogant? Self centeredness is my guess. They are the only people smart enough to be able to express their opinion because everyone else is wrong.

- This from the same group that claims that everything is shades of gray and there are no absolutes. Hence, no real right or wrong. Unless they don't agree with it. Then it is wrong...