Monday, January 24, 2005

Hurrah For Hugh!

Went to Hugh Hewitts Blog today and found he had written an article for the Los Angeles Times
After reading his article and Hurrahing three times I noticed a button near the top right side that said 'contact us'. I clicked on it and wrote the following:
Thank you for allowing your critics to voice their opinions. I have personally been an outspoken critic of theTimes and have even told people at newstands to not bother buying it unless they like the Sports Section or need the Want Ads.
Hugh Hewitt's article (Jan 23, 05 - Cover the Terror War as a War) was right and I hope you take his suggestions to heart.
You and others in power at the Times may not appreciate what President Bush is trying to accomplish in Iraq BUT there are many potential readers who do. Your self centered and egotistical opinions of yourselves and the Utopian Idealism that runs through your ranks has caused people to turn away from your paper. Want to increase your readership, thereby profits and job security? (look at your circulation and then the number of people in L.A./Orange County) Open up your pages to the other side without the smearing adjectives.
I'd suggest you do the same with La Opinion too.

I have to wonder if they will get it? - I can only suggest that others reading the article will take a few minutes, go to the L.A. Times and leave a missive encouraging them to open their pages. I would love to have to apologize for yesterday's post.