Saturday, January 29, 2005

Cold Fury Says IT!!!

Nothing to add to this one! From Instapundit I clicked a link to Cold Fury and read the post that says it all! This is one of those that should be tattooed on the inside of Democrat's eyelids.

Cold Fury post/List Modified and extremely abridged:

1. Bush Administration did not lie!

2. Others including Clinton wanted Saddam removed.

3. There were other reasons for removing Saddam besides the WMDs.

4. The Iraq war is part of the War on Terrorism.

There was no “rush to war” Bush did not ignore the Europeans. 1-1/2 years were spent asking for enforcement of 18 different UN resolutions. They flatly refused, because of the Oil for Food scandal - ( see here for details).

The elections in Iraq WILL WORK!!!