Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Mom With Righteous Indignation

Regarding the Yellow Ribbon on the university truck it seems the policy (not law) says, "No UNAUTHORIZED STICKERS are allowed on DAS owned vehicles." - So what is to stop Frohnmayer from authorizing them?

"But the the other groups will want their colored ribbons on their trucks!"

Great! Stop whining and put 'em on. Seems the other employees want to support or show awareness for breast cancer research or whatever let 'em...-

I received this email sent to the man himself from the same wonderful lady that wrote the wonderful poems (you still need to send the 3rd one Debbie) and whose son is currently in Iraq. (is that a run on sentence?) - What poems you say? See in my archives - Autumn in My Heart & For Seth - Pics of a wonderful father who was across the street from the mess hall explosion and each day is doing his part to set a nation free. A man I have never met but care deeply about. Keep the troops in your prayers.

-----------email follows------

To: President Frohnmayer
Subject: Political statement???

Excuse me! Since when did military service become a "political statement"? Our soldiers are providing defense against terrorism. Once again leadership has caved in to the whining of a select few rather than stand up for what is just. How DARE you ban this form of support for our military! You have just slapped the faces of all the families who have buried soldiers. That dictionary-defined idiot who called this a political statement seems not to understand that our soldiers are NOT making a political statement--our government is. Soldiers follow orders and those orders come from the president.
Get up off the carpet and brush off the whiner's footprints! It's time to develop real backbone and stand up for what is right. Set an example for justice for many to follow.
Debbie Weaver


As a side note when I use spell check it wants me to correct 'Frohnmayer' and make it 'frowner'. Hmmm.