Thursday, January 27, 2005

Homeless Count Equals Big Bucks

L.A. Times (reg. req.)has a story on the Homeless Count that is a nationwide event (Cinncinati Enquirer). (Also - Google - homeless count)
Times says, "In Los Angeles County, with about $53 million in federal funds for the homeless at stake, the canvass is one of the most ambitious in the country."

Most counts will be completed in one night and will be simple head tallies. But some larger areas, such as Los Angeles County, will count during several days and use "sophisticated sampling methods". (Quotes mine)

I have to wonder with so much money on the line how can taxpayers be assured these numbers will not be inflated. I'm wondering too what is being done to avoid duplicate counts? Don't get me wrong. I'm not against the homeless per se but I do question the accountability of programs that have been set up using our tax dollars.

Talking about it with a buddy of mine he (name withheld so activists won't protest in front of his house) suggested it would be cheaper to have the homeless come to a central point and count them. "Offer ten bucks a head and have them meet at, hmmm... Say the mayors inner office in each town and city."

My buddy hates mayors...